Orchard Toys: Where Do I Live? Review And Giveaway

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Orchard Toys: Where Do I Live? Review And Giveaway

Little man was excited to receive "where do I live?" from Orchard Toys to review a few weeks ago. He was immediately taken by the vibrant animals on the front of the box. Within the box are four game boards. Each is a habitat with some facts about the area and animals that live there. The science teacher in me was a little put off by a polar bear and penguin being together on the same board. Mainly as it is a common misconception that they live in the same area. However, as the board was named polar regions and not just one of the poles, I put my obsessiveness aside and got on to enjoying the game with little man.

What is in the where do I live box?

The game is essentially a memory game. Each player takes it in turns to turn over a square card. If their animal is on there it is placed on their lotto board, if not it is returned back. Once all the animal are collected on a game board then you need to find the explorer card associated with it.

The game is for 2-4 players, although it is more exciting with 3 or 4 as the element of remembering where your card is becomes more important. The boys have enjoyed playing this and it is nice as it is one of a small amount of games that they can play together.

You can purchase where do I live? from Amazon.

Orchard Toys have provided  another copy of the game to giveaway to one of my readers. Just complete the Gleam entry below. Good Luck!

Where Do I Live?

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