Santa's Jelly Belly

Saturday, 5 December 2015

Santa's Jelly Belly

Santa's Jelly Belly

We all know that Santa loves his food, so here are some Santa's bellies made from jelly.

I think we can say I am often easily pleased. When I saw I had glitter jelly in this month's Degustabox I was very excited! I decided to make these simple festive desserts.

All you need is:

A packet of Hartley's strawberry glitter jelly
Cola fizzy laces
Dolly mixtures
An icing pen

Start by making the jelly up as per instructions on the packet. Just it into some individual bowls.

glitter jelly

Once set, cut a cola lace so that it will fit across the top of the jelly. Stick a dolly mixture on top using an icing pen to make the buckle.

A simple idea to make your jelly a little more festive this Christmas.

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