Children's Cocktails With Robinsons

Saturday, 12 December 2015

Children's Cocktails With Robinsons

When it comes to drinking water I have to say I fail miserably. In the winter month's I am probably worse than in the summer. I know that drinking water is important and really need to come up with some fun ways to drink it.

When I was a child I loved having children's cocktails. A mixture of juices, a cherry and umbrella, a pretty straw. All these things put a smile on my face. So when Robinsons challenged me to come up with a way to drink more water, I decided to make a children's cocktail. But hey they are good for adults too!

I started by making star ice cubes using the apple and blackcurrant squash.

I took a plastic beaker and dipped the rim in lemon juice and then in sugar. Next I sliced an orange and added this to the side of the glass.

I filled the glass up with the orange cordial and then added the star ice cubes.

The boys were really excited by their cocktails, and loved eating the orange too!


Robinsons have some great ideas for drinking more water. Maybe you prefer a warm drink in the winter months? The why not warn up some orange squash with some orange segments, cloves and a pinch of ginger. A lovely alternative to a mulled wine at a Christmas party for drivers too!

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