The Big Sleep Out #ItCouldBeMe

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

The Big Sleep Out #ItCouldBeMe


When we went up to London recently, I hadn't even thought that I would have to explain homelessness to big man. But I did. I had to explain that the man sitting by the shop hadn't got a home. Now that is something a 7 year old boy finds hard to accept. "Why?" was his response.

The problem is there are so many reasons. It can happen to anyone. And that includes you and me. 40% of homelessness is due to relationships breaking down, whether that is with partners, family or friends. Most homelessness happens when a privately rented tenancy ends and a new home can't be found.

The charity Trinity are working for a fairer society. They work in Hillingdon where homelessness has increased by a frightening 70% since 2010. They also have a day centre in Slough, working with those suffering homelessness in Berkshire.

Approximately 3,000 people sleep rough in the UK every night and it is estimated that a further 500,000 people are ‘hidden homeless’, Living in temporary accomodation, sofa surfing or living in over crowded or unsafe houses. Whilst I am sitting in my warm and cosy house it seems hard to believe, but with a change in circumstances #ItCouldBeMe.

The Big Sleep Out started 7 years ago with under 100 people and this year is estimated to have 1000 people sleeping in boxes in winter, raising money for charity. Those people who are brave enough to take part will be entertained by live music, poetry and stand up comedy in the evening before bedding down for the night with nothing but a cardboard box.

The Big Sleep Out is taking place in Hillingdon on 4th December 2015. If you would like to take part in this event then you can sign up here.  To find out more about the charity you can visit their website.

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