Sweet Chilli And Zesty Lime Popcorn Chicken

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Sweet Chilli And Zesty Lime Popcorn Chicken

popcorn chicken

Butterkist have some new flavours out and sent us some to try. Salted Caramel was lovely and would be fantastic on a cheessecake. I have to say I wasn't a big fan of the pulled pork (not that it had even seen a pig.) It was a strong smokey pork flavour. My husband really liked it so I guess it's a bit love or hate. The Sweet Chilli and Zesty Lime flavour were really tasty and I decided that they would be the perfect ingredient in some popcorn chicken.


Serves 2: 
1 slice of bread
1 cup of Butterkist sweet chilli and zesty lime popcorn
2 chicken breasts
1 beaten egg

Start by placing the slice of bread and popcorn in a blender and blitz it to make a popcorn crumb coating.

popcorn in blender
Cut the chicken into strips. Dip it in the beaten egg and then into the popcorn crumb.

Breaded popcorn chicken

Fry the chicken on each side until cooked through.

Have you tried the new flavours of Butterkist? Which do you like the sound of the most?

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