Spinach and Ricotta Croquettes with Henri Le Worm

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Spinach and Ricotta Croquettes with Henri Le Worm

You may remember that a couple of weeks ago we were invited to the press day at RHS Hampton Court Palace Flower Show to see the Henri Le Worm community garden.

The Henri Le Worm App aims to encourage children to engage with nature and their food. There is a section with games where your child can meet Henri and his friends.

Henri Le Worm app

There is also a section with some recipes. In order to get big man trying some different foods, I got him to help me make the spinach and ricotta croquettes.

You will need:

100g Spinach
180g Ricotta
6tsp Rapeseed oil
60g grated cheese
2 eggs
150g breadcrumbs
100g wholemeal flour

Wilt the spinach in a small amount of oil and drain off as much liquid as possible.

Liquidise and blend in with the cheese. 

Roll into a ball and coat in flour, egg and breadcrumbs.

making spinach and ricotta croquettes

Fry until golden brown on each side. Ours turned out more like fritters.

spinach and ricotta fritters

I am pretty sure that if I had served these to big man he would have pushed it around the plate asking questions. As he made them himself he was pleased to try them. It has encouraged me to try some more recipes with him. It is also nice to have the buddy in the kitchen.

spinach and ricotta croqettes

We weren't asked to review the app, but we enjoyed this recipes so I thought it would be nice to share.

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Jess Maryy said...

Such a lovely recipe!! Thanks for sharing, I looove spinach so much and I'm always looking for new ways to cook it :) x