Groove Like The Boov!

Saturday, 18 July 2015

Groove Like The Boov!

To celebrate the launch of Home on Digital Download, we had a little party after school yesterday. 
If you haven't seen the film yet, it is about some aliens (the Boov) who come to Earth as they are running away from their enemy the Gorg. The main character Oh is a misfit amongst the Boov who just wants to make friends and have a party. He accidentally emails an invite to a party to the whole universe which means that the Gorg will find out where the Boov have run away to, if the message can't be stopped.....

My boys absolutely love the film and I have to say that after watching it for the second time, it has grown on me. Infact I have made myself a "shusher" from a stick and a balloon. I think this might be handy over the summer holidays.

home made shusher

The boys enjoyed making some alien bunting and colouring whilst I got some snacks ready.

Home coloring sheets

They giggled away at the movie.

watching home

And afterwards they pretended that they were in "slushiest" which is the car in the movie. 

watching home

You kind of have to watch it to know what I am talking about! If you would like to grove like the Boov, you can download the movie now on itunes or Google play

We received a Home party pack in order to write this post but the opinions are our own.

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