Goodbye Nursery 3

Monday, 13 July 2015

Goodbye Nursery 3

goodbye parenting fails?

Little man has finished nursery for the year on Friday. The last two terms have flown by. This isn't going to be a post saying how sad I am. Much the opposite. Nursery has been good for him. Unfortunately, it does seem to have highlighted my parenting fails. So rather than be sad, I will embrace that he is moving into foundation and hope that next year I appear to be a more competent parent than I have shown to be this year.

first day at pre school

So what parenting fails have I had then? 

Well it started badly when on his first day I called him by the wrong name. Twice. The keyworker was clearly thinking she had the wrong child. No just a parent that regularly mixes her children up, so much so they no longer seem to notice. 

Then there was the library book that I denied all knowledge of. There was "no way that he had ever bought that home, but I'll have a quick look." Seriously, how little man managed to get that in the house and in his bedroom without me batting an eyelid, I'm not quite sure. Cue apology and request that we don't have anymore library books sent home. 

Forgetting a change of clothes is easily done. Of course this is the day that little man covers himself in water and returns home looking like a village person squashed in a 9-12 month t- shirt (he is 3 1/2!) 

And the biggest fail came on Wednesday. I looked in his draw before picking him up. I found 2 crumpled pieces of paper. I popped them straight in the bin so i didn't have to do the same at home. Little man ran out excited. Went straight to his draw. Then shouted to his keyworker "where my fan?" 

She looked confused. 

I looked guilty. 

I think they will be pleased that little man is moving up to foundation as they will no longer need to root through the bin looking for his prized possessions. 

Please tell me I'm not alone. What are your parenting fails?

pre school photo


jollyjillys said...

Aww he is so cute. I know when mine were little i bet i made a ton of picture throwing mistakes lol. Have a good summer

Sara (@mumturnedmom) said...

Love the photos! And, those aren't major parenting fails... I hope, as I do them all regularly :) The wee girl starts preschool in September and I suspect at that point with three in school to keep track of, I am going to fail often!

Louise Fairweather said...

I am guilty ofbit on a weekly basis, but they don't usually realise!

Louise Fairweather said...

:-) just busy mum fails hey?

Louise Fairweather said...

It gets worse at the end of term. I only realised a week ago that little man finished a week earlier!

Louise Fairweather said...

Lol I bet the teachers get mixed up too x

Jaime Oliver said...

lol Louise you are not alone .. this sounds like me at nursery! eek!

Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

Jenny Taylor said...

Ahh this is going to be me in September and I am so worried more about me than B as he is so ready. But I will forget what functions and events are on and what he should be bringing home or bringing to school. I fear i will be that kind of school mom. EEEK. You have done well. lol Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme