Degustabox May Review and a Summer Cocktail Recipe

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Degustabox May Review and a Summer Cocktail Recipe

degustabox may

This month's Degustabox had a summery feel with some BBQ marinades ready for the bank holiday. Once again the box on the whole was a hit. Here is what we thought of each item:

Sweet Baby Ray's: I used this marinade on some chicken kebabs and my husband actually commented on how much he liked it, so a winner there.

Schwartz marinade in a bag: I have to admit that we haven't got round to trying this yet, but I certainly like the idea. Mainly as it will mean I don't have to scrub a baking tray to get it clean. i will update you when we have tried it.

Maggi: These noodles were lovely - a kind of posh super noodle. My boys found them a bit too spicy by me and my husband both thought they tested good.

9 Bar: I am not a dried fruit person so they weren't for me, but my boys enjoyed them.

Daelmans: Oh my these Stroopwafels are amazing! A real treat. Warm them up on your cup of tea and enjoy.

Sarson's: Who knew Sarson's did balsamic vinegar? I have to admit that we have a lot of balsamic vinegar in the house so I haven't tried this yet. It is the brand I use as my normal vinegar so will be interesting to see if it is good.

Slim Pasta: I used this to make lasagne. I then had to boil some regular pasta to put in its place. The texture and taste were not for me.

Green CoCo: My kids and I aren't keen on coconut juice but do love it in smoothies. This was particularly good in the cocktail I made as it is combined with banana.

Fuel 10K: Tasted much the same as other wheat biscuits I have tried, but have added protein.

If you would like to try Degustabox, then I have a discount code:CWKSI which will give you a £3 discount on your first box.

Summer suprise cocktail

This cocktail tastes lovely with or without alcohol. All you need is:

2 cups of chopped pineapple
1 kid's coco juice with banana
1 scoop of vanilla ice cream

A shot of malibu (optional)

cocktail ingredients

Simply put all the ingredients into a blender and blitz.

making a cocktail

Perfect on a nice summers evening!

Have you tried Degustabox? What do you think of it?


HELEN said...

that sounds lovely - definitely with the alcohol, I would never think of making an ice cream cocktail..but now I'm thinking of various combinations!

Louise Fairweather said...

The ice cream helps it get thicker and cold. Glad to have helped :-)