TMNT Cake Tutorial

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

TMNT Cake Tutorial

TMNT cake tutorial

When middle man decided on a TMNT cake for his Birthday, I quickly Googled foe some simple ideas. This is what I settled on and am quite pleased with the result. The good thing about making icing figures is that you can make them in advance. I started by making 4 green balls and then rolled them into a point. A sausage of colour made the turtles and then I just added eyes.


I made 2 grey discs for the sewer. I added detail to the top of the sewer by cutting out letters freehand and making a pattern using a blunt knife.


I iced the cake in blue and added the turtles.

I then cut out a skyline in black icing.

icing skyline

skyline on cake

I don't have a bead maker so I rolled little balls to cover the edges of the cake.

Finally I added the top of the sewer.

TMNT cake

Middle man was very happy with it and little man is requesting one for his Birthday now!


Coombe Mill (Fiona) said...

Genius and it looks doable when you break into stages like this #minimakes

Emma107 said...

Wow this is so good! I'm not that great at cake decorating lol #minimakes

Amy Squires said...

This is awesome! Sadly my boys aren't into TMNT but I would have loved this as a kid! #minimakes

Louise Fairweather said...

Trust me I only do easy cakes!

Louise Fairweather said...

This one isn't too hard - I go for the easiest ones

Louise Fairweather said...

Little man has decided he wants one for his birthday now! Need to get them into something else so I don't have to do the same cake twice!

Mornapiper said...

This looks amazing. Sadly I have two girly girls so not sure if I'll ever get to make this but No.2 is asking for a superhero party this year....this almost qualifies right? #minimakes

Louise Fairweather said...

Definately :-) I'll never get to make any princess castles :-(

Emma The Mini Mes and Me said...

Jamster is about to turn 9 and he would love this! Great job Louise xx

Thanks for linking up with #MiniMakes too, the new linky is live xx

❄❄️️Kate Cass❄️❄️ said...

Yes! Just what I have been absolutely looking for, fantastic stuff, thank you, made my day! Perfect for Dominic's Bday, awesome!