Orange Jelly Mousse #JollyJelly

Wednesday, 10 December 2014

Orange Jelly Mousse #JollyJelly

orange jelly mousse

This week I was sent a box of goodies from Hartley's so I could join in their  Jolly Jelly challenge.

Hartleys jelly

I don't know about you but Christmas means lots of food. After eating my way through a lovely roast I like a light dessert and this orange jelly mouse is just that.

You will need:

ingredients for orange jelly mousse

170g of evaporated milk
A tin of madarin segments
1 packet of Hartley's orange jelly

Glace cherries, chocolate stars and orange to decorate.

Start my making up the jelly to the packet instructions. You want the jelly to start setting but not go hard.

I put my madarin segments on a low setting on my blender to mash them up.

Whisk the evaporated milk.

Mix the setting jelly, madarin segments and evaporated milk together.

making orange jelly mousse

Pour into bowls and leave in the fridge to set.

orange jelly mousse

Decorate with orange slices, chocolate stars and glace cherries to give it a more festive feel.

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