The Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Sunday, 23 November 2014

The Ideal Home Show at Christmas

Ideal Home show at Christmas

This weekend I headed up to London Earls Court to the Ideal Home Show at Christmas. I had never been to an event like this before as was intrigued as to what would be on offer. In essence it is a massive selling event from water softeners to coffee machines to Christmas decorations. All with some fantastic on the day deals. Alongside this were shows to watch. Cooking demonstrations ran throughout the day and I learn't how to wrap a jam jar beautifully,  so now need to go and buy some jam for Christmas!

demonstrations at the ideal home show

There were rooms that had been beautifully styled and I just loved the book Christmas tree.

rooms at ideal home show Christmas

I had been invited to the show by Kinetico. I must admit that I had never thought of buying a water softener before but after having a quick chat to the Simply Soft Water Softeners stand I could certainly see the benefits.As well as not having to descale the shower, I would have softer fluffier towels and could save up to 12% on water heating bills and maintain boiler efficiency. We live in a hard water area and it is now something I would look into after having a new boiler installed.


I also spent a long time at the Sage Appliances stand. I am slightly in love with their products and now have lots of ideas of recipes for my new blender. I also have a coffee machine on my list to save up for!

the boss blender

There were lots of stands selling delicious food, and I am not sure how I managed to restrain myself at some of the stalls.

food at the ideal home show christmas

I was shocked by how many children were at the event as I would never have thought of taking my boys. Shopping isn't their thing! However, for an additional charge you could take them ice skating and Go Compare had a giant blow up snow globe that they were taking pictures in. There were also lots of photo opportunities. As I was by myself I had to stick to a Christmas selfie instead.

Have you been to the Ideal Home Show? If so what did you think?

I attended the event thanks to Kinetico water softeners.


Laura C said...

Love your Christmas selfie! Sounds like you had a good day out, would love to try something like this myself :)

Louise Fairweather said...

:-) It was good, if busy. However, I would look for discounts to get in if you go - they had a last minute and Groupon queue so I imagine that would be cheaper than the door price.

Tracy K Nixon said...

Looks like you had a great time - I love to see how people style rooms, especially at Christmas time - I am one of those people who walk past houses when they have their curtains open and have a peep in lol!

Louise Fairweather said...

Who doesn't? :-)

sharon smith said...

looks like you had a fab tme,i like to see all the lights as i walk around where i live


Would love to go to an ideal home show they look fantastic

Stacy Sorrell said...

I havent been myself but my auntie loves it. its a nightmare when its on at event city next to the Trafford Center, theres no Parking at all :-)

anthony harrington said...

have never been, I would want to buy everything, so just as well

Claire Woods said...

Not been but it looks good.

Claire GriffithssoontobeAldrid said...

never been but looks really good

Amy L said...

Ive never been before but all that food looks fabulous!

Happy Homebird said...

I would love to go to this one year to get some ideas.

Mark Yates said...

Well I like the point about saving up to 12% on water heating bills and maintaining boiler efficiency, but as you've already got a new boiler you'll know that's energy efficient anyway.

For me I had an old boiler and I was getting concerned that it took ages to get the home warm plus with the ever rising gas prices, these gas bills were becoming a real problem. Then, I chatted to a friend and she showed me her new white shiny boiler telling me how she's saved money on her gas bill with it and how she cooed about how fast her home heats up nowadays. So, not to be outdone I've got the company she used (stl heating) to get me a new boiler - oh yes!