Angel Delight Memories

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Angel Delight Memories

Bubblegum angel delight

Once again I was too late in signing up for the Britmums Angel Delight Challenge  and recieving some new Bubblegum Angel Delight, but luckily you can join in the challenge anyway. I tried to purchase the Bubblegum flavour as I thought my boys would like that, but our Tesco didn't stock it so I bought a variety of flavours instead.

Angel delight packets

As it is such a simple dessert to make I thought that big man would like to make it for pudding. Now when I say simple to make, it isn't simple to everyone. I have a lovely Aunt, but lets just say cooking is not her thing.

That is putting it mildly.

I am sure my Uncle is very pleased with the widespread introduction of microwave meals. I vividly remember going to my Aunts when I was younger and she had made us Strawberry Angel Delight for dessert. She pulled it out of the fridge and looked at it strangely. It just wasn't quite right. It was runny. We all looked confused. This had never been a problem before. Was the packet out of date? Was the fridge working? We were stumped. Then my Mum politely asked "You did put milk in didn't you?"

Memory #1: Don't use water to make Angel Delight!

But my memories don't stop there. I also have a wonderful God Mother. As a child you love trifle as long as it doesn't have alcohol in. She knew this and made trifle even better by getting rid of the cream and using Angel Delight instead. With sugar stands sprinkled on top. They were the best trifles!

Memory #2: The best children's trifles are topped with Angel Delight not cream.

And next onto Girl Guides. One of the best activities I remember doing here was making a dessert up, using angel delight.

Memory #3: Angel delight is a fun dessert that kids can make.

So off of the back of memory #3, I decided to let big man loose in the kitchen. After a lot of umming and arrhhing he decided on the butterscotch flavour.

He added milk, whisked, complained that whisking was hard work and poured it into bowls to go in the fridge.

whisking angel delight

butterscotch angel delight

Memory #4: Big man has a very proud face when he makes Angel Delight by himself.

making angel delight

Now we just need to track down the new bubblegum flavour and give that a go too. What are your memories of Angel Delight?

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celebratingmums said...

I enjoyed reading about your memories old and new. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and on behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part.