Mr Peabody and Sherman Review and Rocky Road Popcorn Recipe

Saturday, 18 October 2014

Mr Peabody and Sherman Review and Rocky Road Popcorn Recipe


This week we have been sent Mr Peabody and Sherman to review thanks to Cash Generator. I have to say it is a great film for all the family as even I enjoyed this children's movie. Mr Peabody is an intellectual talking dog who adopts an orphan called Sherman. He teaches him History by travelling back in time in his own time machine. Sherman has a hard time at school with a girl called Penny so a meeting between the parents is arranged at Mr Peabody's house. This is where things start to go wrong as Penny and Sherman end up using the time machine without Mr Peabody.

I really enjoyed the film and even though middle man didn't understand all of it, he now wants to visit "Ancient Egypt." Big man loves the historical aspects of the film. I would certainly recommend the film to anyone with children aged 6 and above.

When we watch DVD's at home we like to make it a movie night, and I thought I would share this rather yummy Popcorn recipe with you, if you are planning a movie night soon.


For this you will need some corn kernals, mini marshmallows, raisins, chocolate and grease proofed paper.

Start by popping your corn. We have a popcorn maker, but if you don't just put some in a saucepan with a lid.


Spread your popcorn on some grease proofed paper and melt the chocolate in the microwave. Pour the chocolate over the popcorn.


Add the mini marshmallows and raisins. Then pop it in the fridge to set.


Then to the best part - eating it!


Rosalind Blight said...

omg this looks absolutely amazing thank you :D

Louise Fairweather said...

It is fantastic! Having to stop myself from making it all the time!

Natalie White said...

Oh wow, this looks absolutely delicious... just the right amount of chocolate coating - mm!