Monsters under the bed?

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Monsters under the bed?

All my boys have gone through stages where they don't like the dark. I'm not sure if it monsters they are scared of or something else, but they certainly like to have night lights to make them feel safe. Philips lighting have been looking into what is going on in our kids' imaginations. Here is there mostergraphic to help us adults understand.

infographic on monsters

Their research also showed that 58% redecorate the kids' room more than any other in the house. Personally we have tried to do the decorating of the rooms in plain colours and choose to add fantastic accessories like the Spiderman projector to give it a theme. This way there is less painting and more changing of accessories. We are currently thinking of changing middle man's room as he is going to need space to do his homework now he is at school. I think a cabin bed might be a way of making the best use of the space and then using some of Philips Lighting to keep all those monsters away.

Are your children scared of the dark or monsters? What do you do to help them?

I have been gifted a Spiderman projector for Middle mans room in return for this post.

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