Robinsons Fruit Shoot Get Your Skills on Challenge

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Robinsons Fruit Shoot Get Your Skills on Challenge

three legged race

Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Tots 100 have teamed up this summer challenging bloggers (or their kids) to get their skills on. Each week big man has been trying out new things, and getting me and his younger brother's involved when possible!

Week one saw us bouncing a ball on a racquet.
An increase of 4 with a few minutes practice.

We used our fingers to spin a basket ball
It was really hard to not to let it fall.

Week two and the boys rolled down a hill
They tumbled and giggled and thought it was brill.

 Big man pretended to be his favourite pet
And then pestered me for a rabbit to get

We had a go at making a den
An important skill for all little men.

making a den
This pile of sticks is a cool den if you are 6!
Big man also climbed up a tree
A task that always fills him with glee

climbing a tree

Week 3 we made a sandcastle
Stamping them down is never dull.

Big man had a go at swinging high
His feet were pointed to the sky


And last but not least we came to week four
Where big man impressed me by dribbling a ball

dribbling a football

My boys had a go at a three legged race
They really struggled at getting the right pace

After all this fun we had a break
With a Summer Fruits Fruit Shoot to help us hydrate!

drinking a fruit shoot

And here is a video of our best (and worse bits!)

This is my entry to the Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Tots 100 Get Your Skills On Challenge You can join in too and if you are not a blogger it's a fantastic list to get out if the kid's start getting bored over the holidays.

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