Moshi Mosters Series 11 Countdown Day 13: Popov

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Moshi Mosters Series 11 Countdown Day 13: Popov

moshi monsters series 11


Today it is time to meet the Ultra Rare Popov Dancing Dinkinov.

Surly, silly, musical, I think that middle man would get on well with this moshling. Prepare to be astounded because Dancing Dinkinovs can boogie like there’s no tomorrow. When they are not backflipping over haystacks, juggling toy hammers or performing traditional Dinkinov dances they love feasting on giant bowls of goo-lash washed down with neat vobble-ade. Just be sure you don’t touch their huge, hat-shaped hairdos!
Most Dancing Dinkinovs tour with the Moshikov Circus but some can still be found folding their arms at high speed in Choppemov Square.

They like Battyfish eggs and fiddling on the roof but dislike happy statues and decadence.


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