Easy to make Lego Cupcakes

Friday, 15 August 2014

Easy to make Lego Cupcakes

Lego cupcakes

After having gone on a cake decorating course recently I have found a love for making cupcakes and silicon moulds. The moulds make it really easy to make decorations. I made these cakes using a Lego brick ice cube tray that I purchased from The Big Shop at Legoland Windsor, but you can also get them on ebay.

I prepared the icing first to make it easier to work with. I used ready made icing and kneaded 1/4 teaspoon of CMC into each 100g of each colour. I then wrapped it in clean film and left overnight. The following day, I sprayed my Lego ice cube tray with a fine mist of vegetable oil and kneaded the icing before making the bricks. If you then leave these in the air they harden to make icing Lego Bricks.

I made up cakes using a standard 4oz caster sugar, 4oz self-raising flour, 4oz butter and 2 eggs recipe. I waited for these to cool before topping with butter cream and icing bricks.


rebecca beesley said...

oh wow - they are fab!

Mary K said...

Yummy they look lovely!! Definitely gonna try this very soon :) x

Louise Fairweather said...

Thanks x

spicers1976 said...

What a great idea.

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