Takeaway.com Review

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Takeaway.com Review


When I told my husband that I was going to do a review for Takeaway.com he said that he had always wondered if they were any good. He feared not. We have never used a takeaway site like this before, opting for phoning our local takeaway directly. The only problem with this is that we often can't find a menu and finding one online is easier said than done.

When I looked at the Takeaway.com site, our usual takeaway outlet wasn't on there. I was, however, really pleased to see another Indian takeaway that I liked. I ordered my food using the online menu and got an e mail confirmation. Around 5 minutes later I had a call from Takeaway.com to say that the outlet we chose were unable to fulfil our order. I was a bit annoyed to say the least as I had taken time to check that they delivered to our postcode as well as spending time choosing our food. To make things worse the customer service team refused to refund my voucher for two hours. (I guess if it had been my credit card as a paying customer this wouldn't have been a problem.)

So as it stood I had no curry, no refund and no likely hood of getting one through Takeaway.com before I went to bed. We reverted to our usual takeaway, with a bitter taste in our mouths over the customer service we had received.

The following week, I was refunded my voucher and advised that some restaurants won't deliver that far when they are busy. I was therefore pleased to see that this restaurant had been taken off of my choices when I decided to try Takeaway.com for a second time.

I am pleased to say that this time the whole process was much smoother. Again we ordered on a Friday night, but within 45 minutes we had received our food. Our order was missing one of the chutneys we had ordered but this is a mistake of the Indian takeaway not of Takeaway.com

I really liked the fact that you could use the site to order your takeaway online as we often don't have the correct menus. There were a number of Indian and Italian takeaways to choose from for our postcode. On the site you can see the food hygiene rating for each establishment along with reviews from other customers. If it works, it is easy and convenient. When there was an issue, they were quick to call. Would I use them again? Probably. I am still annoyed by the way I was treated initially, but it is handy to have the menus online.

We're going on an adventure

I was given a £30 voucher to use at Takeaway.com for the purpose of this review but the opinions here are my own.


joanna smith said...

We use justeat and never had a problem. I love online menu's because I can't pronouce half the stuff on an indian menu so it's much easier than calling haha! #triedtested carsonsmummy.blogspot.co.uk

Kim Carberry said...

I have tried this site and wasn't too impressed with it....I placed my order takeaway.com received it and then rang my local takeaway and got part of my order wrong....lol I didn't see the point of me ordering online for someone to ring up....I could of done that.

Louise Fairweather said...

Oh is that how it works???? Maybe that's why I was missing a chutney! I think the problem is a lot of companies don't seem to have an online way to order or at least a menu online. Having said that the latter would be so easy and inexpensive to set up.

Kate Fever said...

I like the idea of ordering online, we have used a similar service in the past. Shame there were a few issues though! Thanks for linking up with #TriedTested