Active As A Family

Friday, 18 July 2014

Active As A Family

Before having children, I'm not sure I had ever thought much about what we would do together at the weekends. I had imagined holidays filled with swimming and playing in the sea, as that is what I had enjoyed doing as a child.

playing in the sea
That's me in the boat.

Within 18 months of having big man, I realised that active weekends were soon to be on the cards. My boys need to get outside and run around. They are happiest running around, climbing and swinging.

So what do we do to keep active as a family? Our local park is a great place to go and have a climb. The boys often scoot there. I had not appreciated quite how hard it was to climb until I had a go at a climbing wall with big man last summer. I honestly thought I would get to the top. I barely managed half way!

climbing wall at Legoland
It's not as easy as it looks!

Another activity we love to do together is geocaching. Announce to the boys that we are going on a family walk, and all you hear is groans. Tell them you are off on a treasure hunt (more commonly known as geocaching) and they are excitedly wondering which small  toy of theirs they can swop.

hidden geocache
Here is a canister one we found last week.

If you are unfamiliar with geocaching, in a nutshell it's an app you can get for your smart phone. You go for a walk and use your phone as a compass to find something that someone else has hidden. Sometimes it's a film canister with a roll of paper in where you record your name. Sometimes it is a Tupperware containing small toys (bouncy ball, stickers, balloon) that you can swop. It is a fantastic way of getting the children interested in going for a walk.

We also love to go swimming with the boys. They love waterslides and we are lucky to have a great fun pool nearby. Of course this is great practice for holidays too.

As the boys get bigger I hope that we will enjoy some family bike rides together. We are currently teaching little man to ride his balance bike. I am hoping that after a few more practices he will pick up some speed!

One thing I am really looking forward to is all the activities we can try as the boys get older. I would love to have another go at surfing, and I have yet to use a kayak. Go Ape is fantastic fun too. My husband and I went for our first wedding anniversary, and I can pretty much guarantee that my boys will love swinging though the trees on the high wires.

This is my entry to the Mark Warners Blogger Challenge with Go Ape


rebecca beesley said...

lots of family fun there. We would love the kids to try geocaching one day - never seem to get organised! Good luck with the challenge. My boys love Go Ape too. x

Louise Fairweather said...

You really should - I love it. I must admit I like the "treasure" ones best too x