Sponsored Video: Tennis-y Tips with Judy Murray

Monday, 23 June 2014

Sponsored Video: Tennis-y Tips with Judy Murray

Last year I had the opportunity to meet Judy Murray. She was a pleasure to talk to and she laughed and joked about the competitiveness that both her and Andy posses. She also talked about some of the games she played with Andy and Jamie when they were young. As the Scottish weather is not always kind she reminisced about how they would construct their own net out of a piece of string in the hallway and then bat a balloon over it. All simple inexpensive games, that were fun but improved coordination. She believed that it was simple games like this that played a part in the boys doing so well on the tennis court.

This summer Judy has teamed up with Robinsons Squash and explains how you can get your children playing outside this summer. If you watch this short video below you will see her fun and inexpensive tips for getting the children playing outside this summer and maybe improving their tennis skills. You don't even need a racquet (maybe a box of biscuits.)

I think we often forget that simple tasks and games that we make up with children often make a big difference to their coordination and their confidence too. I know for one that big man will be happy to have a go at her ideas, especially constructing a score board. I do fear that his competitiveness may mean that big man will change the rules half way through so that the lowest score wins.

Have you got any good ideas for inexpensive fun outside with the children this summer?

This post is sponsored by Robinsons Squash but all the views are my own.

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