Family Break (In Case of Emergency) Kit

Thursday, 1 May 2014

Family Break (In Case of Emergency) Kit

No matter where you go on holiday with the children, at home or abroad, I think the journey is the worse part. Having been to Butlin's in February, we are keen to go again and to make the journey easier Butlin's have put together a kit of ten low-cost, everyday items (for under £20 all in) - dubbed the ‘Family Break (In Case of Emergency) Kit which claims to solve each of the top ten most annoying things a kid can do in a car.  

So what are the top 10 most annoying things a child can do in a car?

•        Fighting with siblings: Well we certainly suffer from this one. Usually over a toy or little man leaning too near big man. Butlin's suggest masking tape – mark out each child’s ‘personal space’ in the car, so they know what they can’t cross to annoy each other

•        Complaining they are bored: Rubik’s Cube – it will keep them distracted as it has bright colours and require both hands to operate in unison

•        Kicking the driver’s chair: Simple bath sponge – put it in the pocket behind the chair to lessen the impact!

•        Crying loudly: Stress ball – it will help alleviate their tension, and doubles up as a fun toy. My fear with this one is that it would be randomly chucked at me, so maybe when they are older.

•        Losing toys under the seat: Ball of string – tie toys, notepads etc together and to the door handle. I like the idea of this in theory but I would worry that they would tangle themselves up. 

•        Needing the bathroom: Journey map – mark out where you are going, with all the stops so they are continually distracted (and know how long till a bathroom!) After having relied on my sat nav far too much I now think it is a great idea to have a map in the car for when your sat nav decides it cant find a gps signal.

•        Singing repetitive songs: Family mix tape – each member gets to pick 5 songs beforehand, which get put on a CD in the car.  Everyone’s a winner! Doc McStuffins, One Direction and Radiohead would certainly make an interesting mix!

•        Being sick: Car Bingo and cat litter – kids feel sick if they look in the car so a game which requires looking out the window will help!  But if not – cat litter will help soak up any smell

•        Complaining they are hungry: Small pots – putting finger food in small pots keep kids full as they enjoy opening their little parcels and taking longer over snacks.  Also helps with portion control  

•        Undoing seatbelt: Bell and ribbon – tie a double bow round the seatbelt holder, with a bell in it.  You will hear if they try to undo it! This is going on middle man's belt as he often randomly does this.

I was given this car kit for the purpose of this post.

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rebecca beesley said...

Brilliant idea! Love the seat belt one too. J used to always try to escape - we even tried seat-belt 'locks' but he figured them out on day one! x