Butlin's Just for Tots

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Butlin's Just for Tots

Whilst we haven't been able to take advantage of the Butlin's "Just for Tot's" breaks we have sampled the entertainment on offer for pre school children on our trip to Skegness and the boys really enjoyed it. However, Sophia Carr chosen as the breaks (High) Chairman has been putting the Butlin's Staff through their paces.

She has offered improvements that will be implemented in future breaks including:

  • Integrating salmon into the Just for Tots menu to broaden relevance of menu for the discerning palate
  • Increased incidences of Angelina Ballerina hugs, especially for children wearing pink and purple
  • Increased sturdiness of the Butlins ‘towel elephant’ bed decoration to withstand rigorous testing (bed bouncing)
  • Ensure demographic catered for in the dining experience by boosting the availability of pink spoons within catering facilities
  • Upweight ratio of purple flowers in across key visual opportunities

I must say that I was a little disappointed with the lack of towel elephants on our stay in the Gold Apartments in Skegness, so maybe they will look at introducing them there too.

To find out more about the Just for Tots breaks just click through to the Butlin's website. If they had been around before big man went to school and I knew how much my kids would enjoy Butlin's, I would certainly have considered such a break.


Ruth Mills said...

I am a bit depressed to see pink spoons appearing, much as my little girl loves all thing pink I thought current thinking was moving away from this.

Louise Fairweather said...

Yeah I know what you mean, but having said that my boys would probably demand blue ones x

Robert Price said...

What a fun time