A Bank Holiday BBQ #Morrisonsmums

Wednesday, 7 May 2014

A Bank Holiday BBQ #Morrisonsmums

morrisons store

This weekend I was lucky enough to be chosen by Britmums to be a Morrisons Mum. I was given £80 of Morrisons vouchers and told to go and do a normal shop. Morrisons is not where I usually go to food shop (I often't shop online) as it isn't the nearest., but I do have 3 with each being around 15 mins away. A couple of weeks ago my husband had stopped at one to pick up a few bits and commented on the high quality yet low price of the products he had bought. 

I headed to do our shop late one Friday evening. The first thing that struck me was how nicely presented the fruit and vegetables were alongside the choice. I hadn't gone in wanting to buy or even knowing what a Sicilian Aubergine was, but I came out with one!

market street morrisons

There were lots of multibuy offers on the fruit and vegetables that I took advantage of.

I have to admit that I found the layout of the store confusing with the wine aisle being after the vegetables, but I think that is the case when you shop anywhere new and it also meant I picked up a bottle of Prosecco that was on offer for £7.49. 

On Saturday we had a picnic with a lot of items that I had picked up from the deli. I really liked that a lot of the more common items were already packaged up in various quantities so that you didn't need to queue.

packing a picnic

On Sunday evening after a rather big lunch at a Christening we drank the prosecco with baked camembert and pittas. Here I place Rosemary and garlic into the mini camembert and baked for 20 minutes. I then popped the pittas in the toaster and cut into chunks. This cost around  65p per person. This is great as a starter and would be even cheaper if you bought a larger cheese.

baked camenbert

Bank Holiday Monday was BBQ day! Thankfully the weather held out. Here we had the sausages for lunch. They worked out at 53p each. I am unsure whether it was the fact that my husband cooked them instead of me that made them nicer but they were really good.

For tea we ate the remainder of the sausages. I chopped the sicilian aubergine and grilled in alongside the Halloumi. 

I also bought some prawns. I had to go for frozen to fir in with our plans. I defrosted them and cut and chopped 2 cloves of garlic, a 1cm piece of garlic, 1 red chilli and some herbs and a glug of olive oil. I left them for a couple of hours then skewered them. After cooking I squeezed over lemon juice.

BBQ food

I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised with my trip to Morrisons. I ended up going slightly over budget buying some swim nappies on offer as well as some jeans for big man. I knew that they sold baby clothes but was unaware that they did older kids clothes too. They had an adjustable waist band which is great as big man is pretty slim. I will certainly be making a point of stopping by the next time we plan a BBQ as I felt the quiality of the fresh food was really good for the price. 

I received voucher from Morrisons for the purpose of this post but the opinions contained here are my own.


celebratingmums said...

I love the idea of that starter in particular. Commenting for myself @kateonthinice and behalf of BritMums and thanking you for taking part

Red Dolls said...

Yum! What a feast, I love camembert and haloumi and prawns and aubergine.....

Louise Fairweather said...

It was good :-)

Tracy K Nixon said...

Looks Fab! We have 3 huge Morrisons near where I live and do my big shop there as they have great prices! Wish they had a loyalty card though!

ashleigh allan said...

We love morrisons!

Michelle Banks said...

love morrisons x

Kirsty Fox said...

I like Morrisons, but unfortunately I don't have one near where I live!

PamGregory said...

I love Morrisons - Market Street is great!

Jill Cordner said...

I've been in but also found the layout confusing.
I never realised it was actually quite cheap and I didn't know they did kids clothes at all lol x

Robert Price said...

I'm not a lover of Morrisons

Stevie said...

We have a brand new one in Elland. Unfortunately there's a huge travelator to the main store. Okay for full shopping, not okay for nipping in for a couple of things.

sarah price said...

i love morrisons everything is soo fresh