Spiderman Cake Tutorial

Saturday, 12 April 2014

Spiderman Cake Tutorial

spiderman cake

I have been a bit slow writing this one up! A year and a quarter to be precise. Middle man still is a spiderman fan, and for his third birthday I made him this cake. I know you can buy really nice spiderman faces in the shops, but there is something in me that says I need to make it myself  (although I did cave in and by a Spongebob cake for Daddy's birthday as I didn't have time to make one.)

The cake is really easy to make, however if I made one again I would make the face thinner as by time I had iced him, Spiderman needed to go on a bit of a diet.

Start by baking a round sponge twice and sandwiching it together with buttercream and jam. Then cut a face shape and cover in red roll out icing. I then iced a black line down the middle and cut out eye shapes from paper that I could use as a guide for the correct size later.

spiderman face cake

I continued with the black icing as webbing. Here I found it helpful to score the icing with a knife when I was doing the straight lines.

Lastly I cut around the eye templetes onto layered black and yellow icing.

spiderman birthday cake

Middle man was happy with his cake!


chantelle hazelden said...

Looks fab!!!! well done x

rebecca beesley said...

WOW! Amazing cake! x

SJ❤ said...

stunning cake x Happy Birthday x