Sunday, 13 April 2014


When it comes to sharing, my boys aren't the best. Little man just refuses to share, shouting "mine!" as his defense. Big man is better at sharing. He knows that like it or not it has to be done, but he prefers it if he can "share" by having the thing first. However, it is middle man that has made me laugh this week with his views on sharing.

"Will you share with little man please middle man?"

"Share!?!   Never!"

I was a little taken back by his response until he continued

"Sharing means you have to cut things in half."


Older Mum said...

Ha! Brilliant! Taken quite literally. X

justanormalmummy said...

heehee ;) they are so funny with the things they come out with ;) xx

mummysknee said...

Oh bless them, I always just say to Buddy (almost 5) just give him it we can find something else to play with. Possibly the wrong tactic!!

Lucy's mad house said...

lol, George is not too good at sharing with his little sister either, he puts things where she can't reach them if it is something he is overly protective of