Keeping Secrets

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Keeping Secrets

I love that small people are really rubbish at keeping secrets. They are even worse than me. Big man proudly announced to Daddy exactly what we had got him for his birthday. It wasn't that exciting anyway but even the vague element of surprise was extinguished.

Today however, it is middle man that was trying to keep a secret. As I picked him up from preschool I gave him a big hug and asked him if he had had a good day.

"Yes, I have made you a teacup card Mummy!"

Just as he said it you could see the penny drop. It was meant to be a secret. I knew exactly what he meant as I had received a teacup card 2 years ago from big man for Mother's Day.

"Oh no I haven't..... I have made a Valentines Card today!" he lied badly.

I smiled and told him that he was super organised. Talking of which, I must sort out a Mother's Day uummmm Valentine's card too!

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stressymummy said...

Oh bless them!! It is impossible when they are that age, they just get so excited that they just can't help it! I hope you like your Valentines card

Mum Liya said...

My little girl does that so often. Sometimes we plan secret gifts for dad and she can not resist to let the secret out...:) I think that makes them kids - being so innocent and open!

Love it!

Kim Carberry said...

Aww! Bless him!
My girls are rubbish at keeping secrets too :)

Susan Mann said...

Aww bless xx

Older Mum said...

Love how he thought on his feet..... Valentines Day card - LOL. X