Harry Potter Cloak from Joker's Masquerade

Monday, 31 March 2014

Harry Potter Cloak from Joker's Masquerade

Harry Potter deluxe robe

Recently I was offered to review an item from Joker's Masquerade. This year, we managed to miss the "dress up as your favourite character" for World Book Day. However, I am sure that next year we will have to so I thought I would look ahead. I am a massive Harry Potter fan and although we have only just started reading it with big man, I am certain that he will soon love the books like I do. I chose the deluxe robe and a pair of Harry Potter style glasses too. The robe is made from a velour type material and has the Gryffindor badge on. It secures with velcro and has a red satin lining.

gryffindor badge

I like that it can be popped over the school uniform and hey presto one Harry Potter.
We had a go at some "potions" in it. And a stick can make a pretty good wand.

making potions

The only problem with the outfit is that if you have an imaginative child like my son, they will actually think they are a wizard. Here he is making daisies appear in the garden!

casting spells

Joker's Masquerade have a whole host of fancy dress costumes for both adults and children.


Helen said...

What a great outfit. Your little man looks fantastic x

rebecca beesley said...

He looks adorable as Harry Potter! x

Louise Fairweather said...

Ah thanks! His imagination really does run away when he is in it tho! X

Louise Fairweather said...

The glasses are def worth getting even if he is worried about them falling off!

My Two Mums said...

This looks like really good quality. I know a little person who would love this.