F&F Clothing for Mother's Day

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

F&F Clothing for Mother's Day

When F&F clothing offered for me to spend £50 on clothes for me and the boys for Mother's Day, I immediately looked at dresses for me and shirts for the boys. Then I thought for a second. I rarely wear dresses and they rarely wear shirts! The sun was out and in a hope that it continues to shine I got to ordering us some comfortable clothing that we could wear when we were out and about at the park.

When it arrived I was extremely pleased. Firstly I couldn't believe the amount of clothes you could buy for £50 and I really liked my top and shoes. So much so, I started taking selfies! (I hardly ever do this) First it was of my ballerina pumps. Little man likes these a lot as the bows on them remind him of Minnie Mouse.

F&F ballerina pumps

Then it was me in my new stripey top that I love. My husband even said how nice it looked.

stripey F&F top

Next it was selfies with the boys in their clothes too!

selfies in F&F clothing
One advantage of having three boys is that when ordering online, there is usually one of the boys that the clothes fit. They have different shaped bodies and cuts on clothes vary. I did a swop on the shorts I had ordered for big and middle man ie middle man had big man's shorts and vice versa and everyone was happy. So what did I but them?

boys in F&F clothing

Little man got a "Have a nice Day" t-shirt and combat trousers. I find these great with the unpredictable British weather.

Middle man had some navy jersey shorts and an outback t-shirt.

And last but not least big man got some bright blue sweat shorts and a route 66 t-shirt.

I am really happy with my choices and having some clothes for me as well as the boys definitely gave me  an early Mother's Day present. Thank you Tescos!


Bex @ The Mummy Adventure said...

Your top looks gorgeous on you and I like all the red T-shirts. I buy loads from Tesco for the boys

Louise Fairweather said...

Thanks - I always worry with stripes but I am really pleased with it and it was only £6!

citygirl101 said...

what a fab bundle you got! F&F are great for kids!

Amethyst Skies said...

Those ballet pumps are so effortlessly causal yet chique. Love them. Plus imo you can never go wrong with stripes.... :) Everybody needs stripy things.

- Tiaras & Prozac

Louise Fairweather said...


Louise Fairweather said...

Can't believe how cheap the t-shirts were x