The Great British Budget: Half way through

Friday, 14 February 2014

The Great British Budget: Half way through

I have always thought I was quite frugal with money. It turns out I spend more than I think. As you may remember I have decided to take part in the Great British Budget. Set to a budget and stick to it for February.

It turns out that this is easier said than done.

I am a special offer queen. But sometimes special offers just make you spend more money. This week is middle man's birthday, so for his party I went to ASDA to but him a helium balloon. Guess what they were 3 for 2. Did I want or need 3 balloons? No. But did I want to get 3 balloons because they were on offer? Yes! Luckily middle man helped me out here as he only wanted one. This saved us £2.60. I also showed great restraint by not buying any octonauts toys. Little man LOVES his octonaut toys. Does he NEED the on the go pods? Not really. So I moved along the aisle quickly even if they were half price.

As for days out with the boys, I have been trying not to spend too much there too. A trip to the local soft play centre sets us back a whopping £14.35 before I have even had a coffee there. Instead, I can take both of the boys and myself swimming for the bargain price of £3.75 (for all of us!) on a fantastic pre school deal that the local fun pool offers. We have been making the most of this and going there once a week and the boys love it.

We are having a home cooked Valentines meal tonight to save some more pennies. So how are you doing at budgeting for February?

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Angelique Tonge said...

Gosh, I'm guilty of gravitating towards deals myself and as you point out, sometimes I don't really need it. Thanks for sharing your Great British Budget progress :)