How to Make Minion Party Bags

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

How to Make Minion Party Bags

minion party bags

Middle man decided that he would like a minion birthday cake this year so I decided that I would also have a go at making some minion party bags. I purchased some yellow bags from e bay and then set to decorating them. I started by adding a blue foam strip, which were in a craft planet goody bag, to the bottom of each bag.

how to make a minion party bag

To make the eyes I drew around a penny added a black pupil and used a brown crayon to make the iris.

making minions eyes

I then drew a large white circle using the mouth of a plastic cup and cut this out. I used the yellow paper from a spare bag to make eyelids. I then cut a strip of foil, scrunched it up and put it around the eyeball. The eye was then stuck in the middle and this was stuck onto the yellow bag.
minion eyes

I finished the bags off by using pipe cleaners as hair and a variety of expressions using black foam for the mouths.

despicable me 2 party bags

Middle man seemed pleased with them, except he wanted some two eyed ones! His cake will therefore be a two eyed minion instead. Some children are just hard to please!


oneblueonepink said...

LOVE these! x

rebecca beesley said...

they look great - my kids are minion mad so would love these! x

JessMcGlynn said...

This is such a good idea, they look great!

Louise Fairweather said...

Would have been better if I hadn't needed to make 18!

Louise Fairweather said...


Louise Fairweather said...

I like all the expressions x