Dinogami Review

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Dinogami Review

This months Parragon Book Buddie Review item was an oragami set called Dinogami. I immediately liked the idea of the oragami being dinosaurs as I thought this would appeal to big man (age6.) The set contains printed papers to make 10 dinosaurs (some use 2 papers per dinosaur.) The booklet contains step by step instructions but it is worth noting that the trees, rocks and volcanoes shown on the cover of the set are not included in the kit.

Big man and I both set to making the first dinosaur. It was based on one of the "choose your colour games" that you probably did in the playground as kids so was quite easy to make. Here are our finished flying dinosaurs.

I am afraid that this is as good as it got. Although aimed at children, I sent big man off to do something else whilst I worked out how to make the next dinosaur. I could not make sense of the instructions so tried another. Again with no luck. I am usually quite good at this kind of thing but I found it really hard to do. After 3 attempts at other dinosaurs I was defeated. This is a lovely little set, but I really would recommend it to someone that has done origami before rather than a beginner.

We were give the Dinogami set for the purpose of this review but the opinions contained here are my own. Hopefully others will have found it easier to do than we did.

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