Moshi Monster's Series 9 Countdown Day One: Willow

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Moshi Monster's Series 9 Countdown Day One: Willow

For all of you Moshi Monster fans out there, we will be revealing the new series 9 Moshlings once a day from now until 14th February. On day one of our countdown I would like to introduce you to Willow.

willow moshi monsters card

Willow the Dainty Deer

Personality: Chilled, fragile, wary.

Mini Bio
Incredibly cute, Dainty Deers love scampering around in the snow and playing snowflake hoopla using their miraculous refrigerated antlers. But life hasn’t always been such fun because these lovable Moshlings were once used to pull heavy, Rox laden sledges from the Twinkly-Dink Mines.

Habitat: In the wintry wonderland around the foothills of Sillimanjaro, or in the windows of Horrods at Twistmastime.

Likes: Collecting snowflakes and figure skating.

Dislikes: Red noses and white beards.

Rank: 160
Rarity: Ultra Rare

The boys were a little over excited about the arrival of their new Moshlings and rather insistent on building them their own house to live in. They decided that Willow must be very nice and friendly.

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