Swimming with Speedo Sea Squad

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Swimming with Speedo Sea Squad

In half term we went to London to have a swimming lesson with the Speedo Swim Squad. All our boys take swimming lessons, but I must admit we don't go swimming as much at the weekends as the boys would like. By attending the event, we got to see and try a variety of the Speedo products. Two really stood out for us. Firstly was the sea squad mask. Big man has been known to spend most of an expensive swimming lesson fussing around adjusting his goggles. These have neoprene and velcro straps so they fit comfortably against his head and are easy to adjust.

Secondly, and the boys favourite was the shark dive sticks.

Big man is great at swimming underwater (better than swimming on the surface) so he was keen to start playing with these as soon as he saw them. Speedo have lots of fun water aid to help your child's confidence in the water, which you can view on the Speedo learn to swim website. Going to the event has reminded me how much the boys like going swimming as a family and it is something we should do more of next year.

The boys each received a Speedo Goody Bag for attending the event but the opinions here are my own.

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