Santa Sprint App

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Santa Sprint App

There is no hiding it, Christmas is not far away so it is time to get all festive. The people behind Portable North Pole have released a new app for the iphone and ipad called PNP Santa Sprint. The idea behind the game is that you are an elf who is helping the main man by collecting stars and drinking hot chocolate. I suppose it is probably easiest to describe it as a Pac Man style game, where instead of ghosts there are icebergs and penguins trying to stop you. I found it hard to move the elf at first,  but big man knew what to do straight away and didn't have as much trouble!

When you complete a level, Santa reads you a story.

As you complete each floor, they become progressively harder. Big man has enjoyed playing it and now that we are on harder floors I quite like it too. So if you are looking for a festive app then this is definitely worth considering.

We were give the app free of charge for the purpose of this review but the opinions contained here are my own.

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