Wardrobe Staples for a Changing Season

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Wardrobe Staples for a Changing Season

There is no doubt about it, summer has gone and autumn is here with winter creeping up on us. I have packed the shorts away for another year and got out the jumpers in their place. When Debenhams asked me if I would be interested in a blogging challenge of coming up with a boy's wardrobe for this change in season, I was excited to take part. I had a budget of £100 to work with and I must admit I was shocked with the amount of clothes I was able to get. (They had a sale and special discounts on at the time - something worth remembering in the future!)

So what is in big man's capsule wardrobe? See I have watched a bit of Gok in my time! Well to start with he needed a winter coat. I had bought him one in the sales and got the sizing wrong so he wont fit in it for a few years. I have to say I love this one though. It has a fleece that can be taken out and the colour is nice and bright (so easy to spot when we are out and about)

togz coat

For sunnier and dry days I chose a red gilet. Which he was able to wear on our trip out last weekend. He is also wearing a pair of jeans and a long sleeved t-shirt that were on my list too. There were some lovely t shirts to choose from but in the end I opted for a teenage mutant ninja turtle one as I was sure he would like it

boy in teenage mutant ninja turtles top

Wellington boots are pretty much a staple for this weather so we can go out and enjoy the outdoors whatever the weather.

wellington boots

I loved the look of the surf hoodie, although am now wishing I had gone for a sweatshirt as he seems insistent on putting his hood up all the time.

And to end with I got a pair of angry bird star wars pyjamas and a pirate onesie so big man stays nice and warm in bed too.

angry bird pyjamas

So what do you think of my choices? Is there anything I missed that you would recommend getting? Have you got a wardrobe for the change in season yet?

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