The Gallery: Sunday Morning

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

The Gallery: Sunday Morning

Waking up, naturally without any need to rush. Lazing around in bed until my husband brings me up breakfast in bed with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. Having a lovely shower, before putting on some comfortable clothes, to go out on a nice walk with the kids. Returning home to enjoy some family board games. This is how I would love my Sunday mornings to be.

Are they like this?


It is more like a sketch from Outnumbered in our house. Middle man wakes at an unearthly hour and comes in to demand that someone switches the TV on. Then I am faced with the massive task of trying to tidy the house before they manage to untidy everything I do. More often than not they play outside with Daddy which gives me enough time to tidy the house before they run inside, with muddy feet and make more mess than there was in the first place. So here is last Sundays picture:

I decided that it was time to tidy my crafting stuff. It also gave me the excuse to do a bit of crafting at the same time. My current project is Santa sacks made from some curtain off cuts and old sleepsuits. Here is a peek for those of you that don't follow me on instagram:

What are your Sunday's like? Filled with sport, nice and lazy or like me, trying to tidy but not getting anywhere fast?

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Nikki Pierce said...

ooh very crafty Louise - still waiting to see your sequin bauble!

Louise Fairweather said...


Louise Fairweather said...

I'm cursing you over them!

Older Mum said...

Those Santa sacks are gorgeous. X

Suzanne Whitton said...

And there we have it....evidence that you are indeed, a crafter (that's crafter, not crafty!). Loving the sacks :) x