Parragon Book Buddies: Sharks and Predators

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Parragon Book Buddies: Sharks and Predators

sharks encyclopedia

When it comes to buying books for the boys, I always think of nice stories with colourful illustrations. However, on the basis that the titles of big man's school library books have been water, potatoes, stickleback and mosiqutos, I think we can safely say he prefers non fiction. When I opened our parragon book buddies parcel to see that we had been sent a Shark Encylopedia, I knew I was going to have a very happy boy.

Night times have consisted of reading a double page spread. Middle man shocked us with his knowledge of the Whale Shark, thanks to his viewing of the Octonauts, so he really likes the book too.

book on whale sharks

Filled with facts about sharks this is a fantastic book for any child that wants to know more. The measure of how much big man likes this book is that he insisted he take it into school this week to share with his class. He said there were so many questions he thinks he should take it back next week too.

You can purchase this book from Amazon and I think it would make a fantastic gift.

We were sent the book for the purpose of this review


JessMcGlynn said...

Yikes, I hope neither of mine ever express an interest in sharks! Looks like a great book for fans though.

Thanks for linking up x

Eileen Teo said...

lovely book!