Halloween Pom Bears: Trick or Treat?

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Halloween Pom Bears: Trick or Treat?

Pickled onion Pom Bear Potato snacks

When I received these limited edition pickled onion Pom Bear potato snacks, I wondered whether the boys would find them a trick or a treat. I am rather partial to pickled onions, but as big man can pick out the minutest bit of onion from a casserole, I wasn't sure what his take on it would be.

I made the mistake of leaving the snacks on the side (rookie mistake) so when the boys realised it was Pom Bears they were immediately trying to open the packet. The Halloween packaging clearly wasn't any kind of threat to them!

I must admit I was quite disappointed when they happily munched them. Maybe I'm a bit evil, but I kind of wanted them to recoil in the horror of pickled onion flavour. However, it is pretty mild and pretty nice. They knew they weren't the ready salted ones they are used to and didn't know the flavour but happily gobbled them down.

So there you have it, they are a treat and a bit of fun too if you are Halloween crazy like myself.

Pom bear crisps with a toy spider


Kim Carberry said...

My girls loved them too...I have been ordered to buy more...lol

PamGregory said...

Mine have always loved these (mind you bit partial myself too!!)

Emma said...

The Halloween cups look super cute! I can't wait to get our spooky goodies back out :)
I love pickled onion (not the smell of breathe afterwards however!) so will give these a go :) x