Sprout Review

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Sprout Review

Sprout is a pencil. But what happens when your pencil is too small, well if it is sprout, you plant him in a pot and hopefully he will become a plant or a herb to be precise. We were sent two Dill pencils to review. I love the idea of Sprout, and thought that big man would be interested in writing with him. I did manage to get big man to do some writing with him and as a full sized pencil he takes a long time to get short enough to plant.

We planted Sprout about a week ago.

The end of the capsule starts dissolving really quickly when put in damp soil. I know this as middle man removed it not long after big man had put it in! I am unsure whether our sprout will grow on the basis that I left the pot too low down and middle man is fascinated by there being a pencil in some soil.

Sprout can be ordered online, however, the postage costs are in my opinion quite large if you are buying a single pencil. I think that Sprout is a fun quirky gift and if the postage costs were reduced would consider buying them as a gift for a keen gardener or cook.

We were given 2 sprout pencils for the purpose of this review but the opinions here are my own.

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