Thursday, 1 August 2013


What a fantastic week this has been.

I got to see 3 of my best friends. All from different parts of my life; school, university and teaching. I am lucky if I see them each once a year. They are all very different people, but have one thing in common. When I see them, no matter how long it has been, you would never know we had been apart. There isn't an awkward conversation, we just chat and laugh as though we saw each other yesterday and that makes me happy.

On Friday I spent a lot of the afternoon checking my e mail. I had applied to be a Butlin's Ambassador. I was preparing for a "No thanks" as it got later and later in the day and I had received no email. Then it came. I clicked on it and read the message about what a high number and high standard of applicants there were. I sighed. Then I continued reading. Then I had to re read it several times to make sure I had read it correctly! I am therefore very excited to have been chosen as a Butlin's Ambassador. I have never been before, but having looked at their brochure, I hope that the boys will love it there. I will let you know!

Finally we went to one of my favourite places for a long weekend to celebrate our anniversary. I lived in Swansea for five years whilst I was studying and met my husband there. It has always kept a piece of my heart. We had a lovely time away, even if the weather was a bit rubbish. Here is one of my little surfer dudes!

Now to make this next week good, I just need to find out where middle man had put/dropped/thrown my wedding ring..... Wish me luck! Hope you are all having a fantastic week too.

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Lou's Lake Views said...

That is a sure sign of true friends, when you can pick up as you left off, you are lucky to have three like that. Congrats on the Butlins Ambassador, I'm sure you will have a great time. Good luck with the ring hunt!

Mama Syder said...

Congratulations on getting picked for a Butlins ambassador, thats fantastic! Happy Anniversary! Hope you find your ring x

Louise Fairweather said...

3 days missing and it has turned up in the middle of the floor! Phew!

A City Mam Gone Country said...

I wish I still had friends like that nowadays, it just feels like no one has time for friendship no more these days, hence why one of the reasons I started a blog :) Forgive me for my blonde stupidity what is a Butlin's Ambassador?

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Louise Fairweather said...

Don't be silly it's not stupid - it means I am working with Butlin's this year and get to stay with them and review our stay. I hope blogging brings you some friendships x

The Beesley Buzz said...

Super reasons - many congrats on Butlins. We went a couple of years ago and it was great. lovely to see old friends again - we had a week like that too. xxx

Looking for Blue Sky said...

Friends like those are the best! And Facebook has helped me to nurture those relationships, even when there's is sea between us, well done you!

Jennifer Jain said...

Sounds like a brilliant week, I just hope that you find your ring! Congratulations on being a Butlins Ambassador, I'm sure you'll have a great time, it's been years since I've been and it looks like there is loads to do.

Joanna Henley said...

Congrats on being a buntlines ambassador! Fabulous news! Xx

kateonthinice said...

Enjoy Butlins! We were ambassadors last year and had a great time when life was going through a tough period after the death of my father. It really helped having special family time together to regroup and move forwards positively.
Love Swansea - always seems such a well-planned town.
Friends - very special. Wish I had more and closer to where I live. Also wish I had not let so many go without even realising I had done so when younger.
Fab reasons altogether!

Nikki said...

Well done on Butlins and on finding your ring!
I know what you mean about friends, I have one like that too :)
Hope you have a great week x