Picasso at work

Friday, 23 August 2013

Picasso at work

One advantage of the nicer weather is that messy activities can take place in the garden rather than Mummy having a meltdown that paint is going everywhere. Here is middle man the artist, carefully painting his seed pot. And then himself!

Needless to say he was carried for a bath as soon as his masterpiece was finished! Now which lucky family member will get a lovely painted pot?

I bought the seed pots as part of the 99p stores blogger challenge. Other posts for the challenge are: Why I am not a food blogger and A celebration fit for my princes


Tarana Khan said...

I haven't had the courage to give my little one paints yet, but they really love playing with it, don't they?!

Louise Fairweather said...

They do - the bathroom is also a good place if its big enough :-)

Suzanne Whitton said...

Aw he looks like he's having a riot here! Love the new 'look' of your blog btw :)

Jess McGlynn said...

What is it about little boys and painting/colouring themselves in? Meg is so neat but Eli practically rolls in anything given to him ;0) Looks like he had fun though, and his seed pot looks very colourful.