All was quiet in the deep dark wood.....

Saturday, 3 August 2013

All was quiet in the deep dark wood.....

bench at The Dean Heritage Centre

Baby man is Gruffalo crazy. He loves his touch and feel Gruffalo book and has a soft toy Gruffalo (that my sister bought) that is half the size of him. So on a trip back from Swansea, we decided to stop off at The Dean Heritage Centre to have a look at their sculptures depicting the Gruffalo's child. Bless him, he was very excited. There was a lot of pointing.

The Gruffalos child sculptures

The centre is only small, but they also have a nice little adventure playground and it is a beautiful place for taking photos.

climbing a ladder

river with bridge

We spent a few hours wandering around and letting the boys run around before finishing our journey. As we left we saw a lady making some of the beautiful carvings.

carving the mouse from the Gruffalo

The problem with this? I want my own Gruffalo in my garden. How hard can it be for me to make one? Surely if I get a log and a chainsaw I can re-create this. Hmmmmm my Dad is good at making things.....

Dad..... I have a new project for you!

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  1. Wow, that's a great place, and a brilliant carving. My son would have loved that.

  2. On my list now. Youngest would love to see the Gruffolo sculptures. You must make one!

    1. There are a few places that do them - if you google it. It is only small, so you wouldn't want to drive for hours to get there, but if you live near/are driving past it is lovely

  3. It looks fab Lou !!

    My boy loves his noisy Gruffalo book so I think he'd like it here.

    We've got loads of tree trunks at the end go our garden, I'd better start carving !!

  4. ha ha, I get my Dad to make everything. He's in the middle of a Pirate Ship project atm! So wish we had a Gruffalo themed attraction close to us as both my boys love the stories and characters. Your little man is cute as a button!

  5. What a fantastic place - we love the Gruffalo too! It looks so pretty there and the carvings are brilliant. I do like the photo of them on the huge bench, they look so cute. Thanks for sharing your Gruffalo hunt with Country Kids.

  6. I had no idea a place like this existed. Must do. for sure. love the pics x

  7. Aww that Gruffalo looks utterly adorable and I bet my little man would love one too. What a lovely place to visit!

  8. Wow, I want a carving for my garden too!!
    What a lovely looking place xx