An Easter Egg Word Hunt

Sunday, 24 March 2013

An Easter Egg Word Hunt

Recently, the boys had fun doing a twinkl winter treasure hunt. When Twinkl asked if they could design some resources tailored to big man, I asked his teacher what would be helpful. She advised me that he needed help with writing and learning tricky words. As big man is a kinesthetic learner, I asked for some easter egg shapes with tricky words on. My hope had been to hang them up around the garden and shout the words out for big man to find. I had thought the weather would be warm and hadn't realised that I would be facing snowy weather still!

When I was sent the resources, they were even better than I had hoped. I had mentioned that big man used cursive writing at school, and you can choose to download this option. I printed off a few eggs. Some with words I knew he could read and some I was pretty sure he couldn't. First up big man wrote over the words on the eggs practicing his writing.

I then cut out the eggs and big man helped. This is also important in developing fine motor skills and big man loves cutting.

I stuck the eggs around the playroom. We then timed big man to run around and pick the correct eggs when I called out the words. He even managed to beat Daddy when I called out a word that was too low down for Daddy to easily see!

When the weather warms up a bit, we are looking forward to doing a spring hunt. We have really enjoyed reviewing the twinkl website. I love that big man can tell me what he is doing at school and I can log on the computer and pick resources that are tailored to the curriculum. With many of the resources being free, it really is worth having a look for yourself.

We have been given premium subscription to the twinkl site for the purpose of reviewing it. All the opinions contained here are my own.


Mrs Fox said...

Great Idea!

Shahnaz MummyBeBeautiful said...

Looks like great fun x

Penelope Hewitt said...

Looks like fun