A Mother's Day Treat

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

A Mother's Day Treat

kids Mother's day card

Big man is very excited about his special Mother's Day gift for me. Above is last years masterpiece. He told Daddy that he didn't need to go and get me anything as he already had something VERY SPECIAL. His excitement led him to spill the beans that he's making me a card with a teapot and sprinkles on. I think he means glitter. Whilst this is priceless, I was also very excited when I learnt of a shoppertunity which involved creating a Mother's Day wish list at Boots and then purchasing myself a treat!

So off I went to our local Boots store to view their range of gifts. If you would like to see what made it onto my wish list then please take a look at my Google + album.

Boots shop window

It got me thinking about how little I actually treat myself. As a busy mum of three and wife of one, I spend a lot of time running around after other people. I hardly have time to buy myself new clothes let alone something more indulgent. Somehow, in the last five years I have lost a little bit of me. The only pamper products I really have are gifts from family. I am pretty sure that a lot of Mums can identify with this.

After much searching, I decided that a fragrance would be my choice of treat. It's something I wouldn't really think of buying myself and often too expensive to ask for as a gift from others. So how do you chose the right fragrance to buy? Well if you are a bargain hunter with two hungry boys that want to eat the sandwiches and crisps that you have put into your basket, you quickly head over to the Mother's Day fragrance displays.

perfume display

I narrowed it down to two fresh floral scents that both had good discounts. In the end I asked middle man to chose for me!

smelling perfume

As my husband was working away I asked big man what he thought of my choice after he had finished school.

"It's nice Mummy. It smells of flowers."

How do you treat yourself? Do you put the rest of the family first and forget that you can have the odd indulgence? Have you compiled a gift list for Mother's Day to give your other half or children a helping hand?Is it the special homemade gifts that make your Mother's Day special? I really am quite excited to see big man's card creation. At the end of the day, that is what I will remember years down the line.

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Lesley-Anne Swann said...

Aww lovely I picked perfume for my treat 2 xxx

nyssapod said...

Lovely post!

PS I'm intrigued by the whole Collective Bias thing - might get involved myself

Sharon Martin said...

The homemade gifts are always the best as they come from the heart aren't they. I'm exactly the same about treating myself, Im always bottom of my own list lol xx

Emily Jane said...

aww, I don't have any children myself but my baby brother is three and he's a preschool now. He told me confidentially today he has been making mother's day treats while at school. So excited to see what he comes up with and so happy he's at an age where he can do little surprise things like this!

Perfume is a great treat :)

Emily Jane xo

Mummy Hazelden said...

I rarely treat myself, whenever we have spare money it goes on the kids. It is a treat to me to see my kids smile :) x

Louise Fairweather said...

Yeah mine seems to go on days out - but I get to enjoy that too.

Louise Fairweather said...

It is lovely that they get so excited. I imagine your Mum will get something with glitter too!

Mummy of Two said...

My son came home with a present he had made me at school today so I told him to take it and hide it until Sunday. I walked into his bedroom before putting him to bed and it was there right in front of me so my surprise is completely ruined! It's a very pretty flower wreath kind of thing that looks like he put a lot of effort into (or he's brought the wrong one home by mistake knowing him!). Hope you have a great Mother's day!

Louise Fairweather said...

Oh no! I half opened the card this afternoon by mistake - it was in his book bag in a brown envelope with his name on! Luckily I didn't see much more than a few sprinkles so can still act surprised on Sunday. I'm sure your boy had just put in a lot of effort as it's for you. Have a lovely day