Weaning x3

Friday, 8 February 2013

Weaning x3

When weaning big man I was obsessed with Annabel Karmel's baby and toddler meal planner. It is full of ideas. I bought organic when I could and I spent the time when he slept in the day peeling, chopping, cooking and pureeing veg. Our freezer was full of ice cube trays with various mashed up food.

Middle man had a lot more pre prepared jars. At first I felt bad that I wasn't doing the same for him, but when half of the food you give them ends up smothered into their face anyway - you feel less guilty.

Baby man had more of a baby led weaning approach. He had the baby rice and pureed fruit, but he quickly went onto normal family finger food. At the moment he is the least fussiest eater of the boys. That may be because he is still too young to become fussy.

So what is my biggest tip regarding weaning? Well it isn't about what you feed your baby. It is the highchair! We bought an expensive highchair for big man. It reclined and had an array of attachments that I can't believe anyone ever used. The problem? Lots of padding. Lots of places for food to get stuck. Lots and lots of cleaning. An easy to clean highchair, like they have in the cafe's might not look as pretty, but it does the job and will save you a lot of time on cleaning. If you would like to see some more products that I could recommend for weaning, here is a list that I have made for the Babyhuddle website.

What is your biggest tip for weaning? Did you have a different approach for a second child?


Emma Button said...

I think I've weaned both of my girls quite similarly (a bit of BLW and a bit of puree) but I think the thing that has changed is my confidence in offering food - I'm a lot more relaxed about what to offer when

Louise said...

Yes confidence is definitely a big factor. I remember going into a nursery and a little one was choking slightly. I was ready to do the Heimlich manoever - but they just watched and let them sort it out themselves.

motheringmushroom said...

I only have the one! With hindsight, I worried far too much about him choking - as you say, they can usually sort it out for themselves!