Travelling Piglet

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Travelling Piglet

Last week, big man came out of school beaming from ear to ear. He handed me a bag. My heart sank. We were the proud owners of "travelling piglet" for the weekend. How hard can it be looking after the school soft toy? Give me a fourth child any day!

Firstly, you feel the urge to do something. It was sod's law that this was our one free weekend for ages. It is not the first time we have looked after a soft toy, as when big man went to nursery he had a dog he bought home. I had been very excited at the thought and opened the book eager to read about his travels. It is never a good day when you discover a soft toy dog has a more exciting life than you. I kid you not this dog had his picture taken with Gordon Ramsey! I gave up on trying to impress the dog and took him to the fireworks display instead.

Luckily when opening travelling piglets book, he had been to the park, fed ducks. Nice normal activities without a foul mouthed chef in sight. He did, however, have a lot of stuff in his bag. A t-shirt, homemade scarf, bowl, spoon, breakfast cereal, flannel and toothbrush. Basically he had a lot of stuff that kept getting taken out of his bag and lost! Within minutes I was worrying about where on earth his food bowl had disappeared to!

On Friday, I had been painting with middle man whilst big man was at school. I made the mistake of leaving the paint on the table, and when home, big man fancied a go too. It appears piglet did as well. I don't quite know how piglet got covered in orange paint, but there was only one thing for it.....

It was the longest wash cycle known to man. Thankfully he survived and I didn't need to do any explaining to a class full of little people.

Up to now I may have sounded a bit down about having piglet to stay. But he soon won me over and showed me that he could be lots of fun too. (Or maybe I am just a big kid!)

Piglet went to feed the ducks and swans.

Piglet and swans

He helped bake cakes.

piglet bakes cakes

Went swimming.

And even had a game of angry birds whilst big man was asleep!

piglet plays angry birds

So what do you do with your child's class mascot? Has it had its photo taken with anyone famous? Do you feel pressure to make a soft toy have a fun weekend? Have you ever washed and shrunk it? Any great ideas of what to do with the next class toy we need to entertain will be greatly appreciated!


Swallow Barn said...

that's really cute!

brinabird said...

we just came back with Tilly the bear from Jamaica! Thankfully he was easy to entertain and appeared to enjoy himself.

Louise said...

I would enjoy myself too! Not sure hubbie would accept the excuse that we need to go to the caribbean for the sake of the latest school toy.... But it's worth a try!

Hal Dutton said...

Fab photos! the swimming one made me lol :-D

Louise said...

I really wanted a shot of him on the diving board - but would have been too tricky with all the lessons going on!

The Crumby Mummy said...

Great post! I hope you put the washing machine photo in Piglets diary! :0) We used to have bears that the children took home in reception. The kids loved it but now I'm not too sure the parents did! :0) Lovely photos! Thanks for linkin up! x

Kath Bee said...

I sellotaped our preschool bear to the rings at the local gymnastics school to take his photo. But then forgot to print out the picture!

Louise said...

Oh no! Fab idea tho - may have to borrow that!

Coombe Mill said...

A very well traveled Piglet