Potty Training

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Potty Training

It is official - I hate potty training. I thought it was bad with big man. He was a breeze compared to the middle one! Middle man has just turned 3 and so far not potty trained. I have friends with boys of just over two that use a potty, and am now wondering if baby man could be trained first!

I have tried a couple of times over the last few months with no success what so ever. He cries at the mention of pants. I bought a copy of Pirate Pete's Potty hoping that it would help him understand. All it seems to have done is make him insist that he wants a pair of pants with a duck on! I turned to bribery - not interested.

Then I walked downstairs one morning "Look Mummy!" he said with a smile on his face. I was excited. I lifted him in the air and told him how clever he was. He beamed from ear to ear. I told him I was going to call Daddy.

I did call Daddy. As it turns out, not to tell him that middle man had had a breakthough and used his potty rather than leave a puddle on the floor.


I rang him to tell him that middle man had just filled his potty with half a bottle of weight watchers Sicilian lemonade!

I finally caught middle man just as he was about to have an accident. I quickly put him on the potty. He then sat there and said "Mummy, help me get the wee out." That led me to ask myself if he is actually ready? I don't think so. Am I frustrated? Yes. So for now, I think the best thing to do is to leave it a couple more weeks.

Did you find it hard potty training your little one? If you didn't - trust me you are very lucky! Do you have any words of advice? Will middle man ever get potty trained? I know the answer to that one is yes, it's just that, at the moment, it doesn't feel like it.


Victoria Wilkinson said...

We are having a VERY hard time! My daughter is nearly 4 and we have been training since June :( She instantly was wee trained, never had a nappy at night but the no2! ahhhh! We recently found out she has a problem withholding! We are just getting there but we have a way to go! Just thought Id share my story! Here is my post http://lovebeingamummy.blogspot.co.uk/2013/01/dealing-with-soilingencopresis.html

I think you are doing the right thing by waiting and trying again. A reward chart is helping us!


Louise said...

Ah thanks. I will go have a read. At the moment it just seems he doesn't find it a problem being in wet clothes x

Misty B said...

Princess is coming up to 2 and a half and we've decided to start potty training. It's going about as well as it is with your middle man! We did have a break through last night though, she actually asked to go to the toilet. She didn't do anything mind you, but she'd never sat on it before!
She's done a fair few wee's on her potty and she knows what it's for, but when she needs a wee she'll cry for a nappy. I'm not stressing it too much, I know she'll get there eventually. Good luck with Middle man! x

Louise said...

Sounds like she is doing better than mine. Not one wee in there - bar one that I caught half way through. Yep he crys for his nappy - and has even suggested that I put his pants on baby man instead!