Baker Days Valentines Cake Review

Saturday, 19 January 2013

Baker Days Valentines Cake Review

For those people that know me, and those that have read any of my diet posts, you will know that I am not the kind of girl that will turn down a cake. So when Baker Days offered to send me a Valentines Day cake to review I jumped at the chance.

Middle man is smooth. Very smooth. He can turn the house upside down, and just when I am at the end of my tether, he will walk up and say "Happy Valentines Day Mummy!" I am not sure where he has got this concept from, but I imagine Disney Junior are to blame.

I therefore decided that I would order a cake for my boys. I always tell them I love them, and at the age they are at the moment they are fine with this rather than being embarrassed. They love cake and I  wanted to test out the photo icing of Baker Days.

I was really impressed with the speed in which I received the cake. The packaging was amazing. I had wondered how a cake would be delivered by Royal Mail in one piece but it is possible! The cake came packaged in a lovely "just for you" tin.

cake packaging

The cake is called a letterbox cake as it is small enough to fit through your door and is about 4-5 portions. The cake is secured onto the cake board with butter cream and covered in icing.

letterbox cake

Although it had a best before date of 29th January, we weren't going to wait that long, so we quickly got it out of it's tin to have a look and a taste.

valentines cake

The boys loved it - big man's first reaction was "can I eat my face?" The cake was sponge and tasted nice. Other choices such as chocolate or gluten free are available at a slightly higher price. They do cakes for every occasion and their website is well worth a look. If you are looking for something other than flowers, for someone you love this Valentines Day, have a look at the Baker Days site as I can tell you their cake is yummy.

eating cake

We were given the cake for the purpose of this review, but the opinions here are all my own.


sunflow said...

What a cake! Precious photo of your son. :D

Louise said...

I was really impressed with it. It isn't big, but for the price I think it's a great deal. Made me laugh he wanted to eat himself.

Sarahmumof3 said...

aww looks lovely with your boys in such a nice idea :)

Louise said...

They liked it :-) I've got them a marshmallow lollipop each for valentines day. Middle man seems to think all cakes should have his face on now though!

Stone Pearl said...

That is an Awesome Gifts...
Great Ideas you have for Celebration.
I like Cake so much.
Thank you.