The Magic of Christmas

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

The Magic of Christmas

The magic of Christmas to me is bedtime on Christmas Eve. Excitement levels are high. What will Santa bring? And that's just me - the boy's are even more excited!

We start by going to the nativity at the local church in the afternoon. We then have some food and then preparations for the main man commence. Reindeer food and sparkles are sprinkled on the front lawn to guide Rudolph and his friends. (Who thought some porridge oats and glitter could be so exciting.)

Next Father Chrsitmas' plate is left by the fire. The picture above was big man's second Christmas. Santa was left some homemade gingerbread biscuits and a bottle of ale. Last year,however, big man was concerned about the amount of cake Father Christmas would have to consume on Christmas Eve, and the unheathly side effects of this. We therefore opted to swop the biscuits for some cucumber! Mummy also managed to convince big man that Santa would like a glass of red. A few carrots are left for the reindeers. Then it's off to bed with a Christmas story and stockings left at the bottom of the bed.

I remember the excitement I used to feel as a child, and I am pleased that it is still there as a parent. Roll on Christmas Eve - as for me, that is the magic of Christmas.

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kateonthinice said...

Yes, Christmas Eve is great and love that leaving stuff out for Santa. I still believe. Commenting on behalf of BritMums.

Emily Foran said...

Christmas Eve really is a night full of magic xx

The Beesley Buzz said...

that's so funny about the cucumber! have a great Christmas x

Elaine Livingstone said...

cucumber would have been a bit of a shock, well done on your win